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Why Mars Crypto Signals ?

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At Mars Signal, we rely on a unique approach to digital currency trading. Deep market analysis, accurate signals, and professional support make us one of the go-to sources for top-tier investors.

  • Professional Market Analysis: Our team comprises
    experienced analysts who dissect the market
    using advanced analytical methods.

  • Accurate Signals: We send out 15 to 20 trade
    signals per week, ONLY when the price satisfies
    our established rules.

  • Regular Updates: We frequently update about
    ongoing trades, allowing you to track trade performance.

  • Professional Customer Service: We maintain a
    customer service team, addressing all your queries.


faq question

You have to find your question before we work together

Currently we provide signals for only Binance.

You can deposit cryptocurrency or fiat money on your exchange accounts. We trade with cryptocurrency and most of the times with alt-coins. How much to invest is entirely up to you and we cannot make any suggestions here.

Once your payment is sent, you will receive a membership confirmation email with all the necessary information for the next steps. Click on the link included in your email for immediate redirection to your account page.

We will inform you in real time (by email, Telegram, WhatsApp) when and which coin we buy - it can be once a day or once within 3 days or even 5 times per day - we don't follow any schedule and we don't sell cheap advices. When we see an opportunity we act (no place for weak hands here) - we choose to act only when the time is right. Let's say that now our SIGNAL is working and the price is rising - at that point it is entirely up to you when you want to SELL, you chose the profit %. We suggest 3-15%. However, just for informative reasons we will let you know when our own SELL order is actually being closed and the profit % we made out of each trade.

We provide both signals for the Spot and also the Futures markets.

Generally speaking, trading signals are the market predictions which are provided by the experts in this field.

Mars Signals is composed of a team of experts who have years of experience in their field. We are using the most advanced technical tools together with the fundamental news to predict the market as precisely as possible.